The Holy Koran (Qur'an)

1 . "The Opening"

      In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
1.1 : All praise is given to God, the Lord of all existence.
1.2 : The Good, the Kind.
1.3 : Master of the Day of Decision.
1.4 : You do we be servant and You do we make request for help.
1.5 : Keep us on the right way.
1.6 : The way of those upon whom You have given kind acts. Not (the way) of those upon whom Your anger is come down, and not of those who go wrong.

(The 99 chapters between are long. We have started with the 16 short chapters.)

100 . "The Chargers"

      In the name of God, the Good, the Kind.
100.1 : I say certainly by the runners breathing hard,
100.2 : Then those that produce points of fire,
100.3 : Then those that make attacks at morning,
100.4 : Then thereby raise dust,
100.5 : Then move quickly thereby upon a great army:
100.6 : Most certainly man is does not value his Lord.
100.7 : And most certainly he is one who saw of that.
100.8 : And most certainly he is keeping grip on the love of money.
100.9 : Is he not certain what is in the earth when dead bodies are raised,
100.10: And what is in the breasts is made clear?
100.11: Most certainly their Lord that day shall be fully conscious of them.

101 . "The Calamity"

101.1 : The very great, sad event!
101.2 : What is the great, sad event?
101.3 : And what will make you comprehend what the terrible great, sad event is?
101.4 : The day on which men shall be as sent in all directions as flies,
101.5 : And the mountains shall be as loosened wool.
101.6 : Then as for him whose measure of good doings is great,
101.7 : He shall live a pleasing existence.
101.8 : And as for him whose measure of good doings is light,
101.9 : His living place shall be the deep hole under the earth.
101.10: And what will make you certain what it is?
101.11: A burning fire.

102 . "Vying in Abundance"

102.1 : To much of things diverts you,
102.2 : Until you come to the holes of the dead.
102.3 : No! you shall quickly become certain,
102.4 : No! No! you shall quickly become certain.
102.5 : No! if you had a certain knowledge,
102.6 : You would most certainly have seen the hell;
102.7 : Then you shall most certainly see it with the eye of certainty;
102.8 : Then on that day you shall most certainly be questioned about the things given.

103 . "The Age"

103.1 : I say by the time,
103.2 : Most certainly man is in loss,
103.3 : But for those who believe and do good, and join on every thing true, and join on every waiting.

104 . "The Slanderer"

104.1 : Woe to every slanderer, defamer,
104.2 : Who amasses wealth and considers it a provision (against mishap);
104.3 : He thinks that his wealth will make him immortal.
104.4 : Nay! he shall most certainly be hurled into the crushing disaster,
104.5 : And what will make you realize what the crushing disaster is?
104.6 : It is the fire kindled by God,
104.7 : Which rises above the hearts.
104.8 : Surely it shall be closed over upon them,
104.9 : In extended columns.

105 . "The Elephant"

105.1 : Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with the possessors of the elephant?
105.2 : Did He not cause their war to end in confusion,
105.3 : And send down (to prey) upon them birds in flocks,
105.4 : Casting against them stones of baked clay,
105.5 : So He rendered them like straw eaten up?

106 . "The Qureaish"

106.1 : For the protection of the Qureaish --
106.2 : Their protection during their trading caravans in the winter and the summer --
106.3 : So let them serve the Lord of this House
106.4 : Who feeds them against hunger and gives them security against fear.

107 . "Alms"

107.1 : Have you considered him who calls the judgment a lie?
107.2 : That is the one who treats the orphan with harshness,
107.3 : And does not urge (others) to feed the poor.
107.4 : So woe to the praying ones,
107.5 : Who are unmindful of their prayers,
107.6 : Who do (good) to be seen,
107.7 : And withhold the necessaries of life.

108 . "The Abundance of Good"

108.1 : Clearly We have given you Kausar,
108.2 : Therefore pray to your Lord and make a sacrifice.
108.3 : Clearly your enemy is the one who shall be without posterity,

109 . "The Unbelievers"

109.1 : Say: O unbelievers!
109.2 : I do not serve that which you serve,
109.3 : Nor do you serve Him Whom I serve:
109.4 : Nor am I going to serve that which you serve,
109.5 : Nor are you going to serve Him Whom I serve:
109.6 : You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion.

110 . "The Help"

110.1 : When there comes the help of God and the victory,
110.2 : And you see men entering the religion of God in companies,
110.3 : Then celebrate the praise of your Lord, and ask His forgiveness; surely He is oft-returning (to mercy).

111. "The Flame"

111.1 : Perdition overtake both hands of Abu Lahab, and he will perish.
111.2 : His wealth and what he earns will not avail him.
111.3 : He shall soon burn in fire that flames,
111.4 : And his wife, the bearer of fuel,
111.5 : Upon her neck a halter of strongly twisted rope.

112 . "The Unity"

112.1 : Say: He, God, is One.
112.2 : God is He on Whom all depend.
112.3 : He begets not, nor is He begotten.
112.4 : And none is like Him.

113 . "The Dawn"

113.1 : Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn,
113.2 : From the evil of what He has created,
113.3 : And from the evil of the utterly dark night when it comes,
113.4 : And from the evil of those who blow on knots,
113.5 : And from the evil of the envious when he envies

114 . "The People"

114.1 : Say : I seek refuge in the Lord of men,
114.2 : The King of men,
114.3 : The God of men,
114.4 : From the evil of the whisperings of the slinking (Shaitan),
114.5 : Who whispers into the hearts of men,
114.6 : From among the jinn and the men.