International Food and Drink

alcohol, beef, beer, champagne, chocolate, citron, coffee, cocktail, cognac, liqueur, macaroni, olive, omelet, rum, salad, sardine, tapioca, tea, toast, vanila, vodka, whisky, pizza, coke.


apple, berry, citron, flower, grain, grass, leaf, nut, olive, plant, root, seed, stem, tapioca, tree

Agriculture and Nature

air, animal, cheese, cloud, cotton, dust, earth, field, farm, fruit, garden, grain, growth, ice, land, lava, leaf, leather, meat, milk, mist, moon, mountain, natural, nut, plant, plow, price, process, produce, rain, range, rice, river, road, salt, sand, seed, sky, slope, snow, spade, star, stream, sun, thunder, water, weather, wind


basket, bath, bed, bell, blade, board, book, boot, bottle, box, brick, brush, bucket, building, bulb, button, calendar, camera, canvas, card, cart, carriage, chain, check, chest, cigarette, clock, cloth, coal, coat, collar, comb, cord, cook, cup, curtain, cushion, door, drain, drawer, dress, family, flag, floor, fork, frame, glove, hat, jewel, kettle, key, knife, knot, linen, lock, map, match, money, nail, needle, oven, paraffin, parcel, pen, pencil, phonograph, piano, picture, pin, pipe, plate, play, plow, pot, pump, radio, rail, ring, rod, roof, room, screw, shelf, silk, shirt, shoe, skirt, sleep, sock, spade, sponge, spoon, stamp, step, stick, stocking, table, telephone, terrace, thread, ticket, tray, trousers, umbrella, vessel, violin, walk, wall, wash, watch, wheel, whip, whistle, wool, window, wire

English Teacher 1 English Teacher 2
Bed Book
Building Cover
Door Curtain
Flower Cushion
House Drawer
Pot Floor
Room Frame
Table Picture
Wall Seat


boot, button, coat, collar, dress, glove, hat, pajamas, shirt, shoe, silk, skirt, sock, stocking, trousers, umbrella, watch


band, bar, blade, brush, bucket, cord, gun, hammer, hook, knife, knot, nail, needle, pin, pipe, plow, pump, ring, rod, screw, spade, wheel, wire


bank, bar, bridge, building, cafe, church, circus, club, hotel, hospital, house, library, opera, post, prison, pyramid, restaurant, school, structure, station, store, street, theater, town, train, university, wall


baby, boy, daughter, family, father, female, friend, girl, male, man, married, mother, person, relation, self, sister, son, woman

Baby Man
Family Woman

chauffeur, chemist, chief, cook, engineer, madam, manager, police, porter, secretary, servant
By adding to nouns -er : worker, roofer, etc.

Body parts

arm, body, bone, brain, chest, chin, collar, ear, eye, face, fat, feather, finger, foot, hair, hand, head, heart, horn, knee, leg, lip, mind, mouth, muscle, neck, nerve, nose, skin, stomach, tail, throat, thumb, toe, tongue, tooth, wing
cough, dead, death, disease, feeble, ill, pain, sneeze


ammonia, asestos, brass, copper, glass, glycerin, gold, iron, leather, material, metal, platinum, potash, radium, , silver, steel, tin, tree, brick, canvas, cloth, coal, linen, silk, wool


airplane, autobus, automobile, boat, bridge, carriage, cart, flight, harbor, sail, sea, taxi, train, transport, plane, rail, river, road, ship, wheel


Business and Industry

agreement, bank, business, committee, company, competition, credit, debt, development, distribution, division, engineer, exchange, expansion, growth, harbor, industry, instrument, interest, invention, market, manager, money, office, oil, operation, owner, patent, payment, plant, post, produce, profit, system, trade, transport


art, authority, chalk, development, education, encyclopedia, growth, history, ink, language, law, learning, letter, music, news, program, reading, reason, religion, science, teaching, test, theory, thought, writing, say, paint, paper, paste, pen, pencil, rule, talk, school, scissors, square, stamp, university


act, agreement, authority, colony, committee, control, country, crime, debt, decision, discussion, distribution, division, education, government, history, judge, language, law, meeting, nation, office, order, organization, passport, police, political, post, power, propaganda, property, protest, punishment, record, religion, referendum, representative, secretary, society, tax, visa


army, attack, boat, company, control, country, crush, damage, death, destruction, division, dynamite, earth, effect, engineer, event, fight, fire, flame, gas, general, gun, light, force, harbor, land, map, military, operation, order, organization, peace, plane, police, position, post, powder, power, propaganda, push, radio, range, river, road, sea, sir, smash, support, torpedo, vessel, war

Operations Directions

Term Illustration Term Illustration


narrowAGAINST     AGAINSTnarrow



  + ,   &


wide BETWEEN wide


narrow BY     BY narrow

On - Off

      ON             OFF

Over - Under

OVER  wide
 wide  UNDER


       narrow IN  narrow


Term Illustration


Wide - Narrow