100 Business/Commerce Words used by Simplish

acceptance, accident, address, agency, allowance, arbitration, asset, assistant, average, bankrupt, barrel, bill, broker, budget, capital, certificate, charge, circulation, claim, client, code, combine, competition, complaint, consignment, consumer, conversion, correlation, cost, court, customs, debit, debt, deck, defect, deficit, deflation, delivery, demand, deposit, discount, distribution, economy, efficiency, effort, elasticity, emerging, employer, experiment, export, factor, fatigue, firm, finance, forecast, gross, guarantee, habit, hire, hold, import, income, index, inflation, investment, lag, liability, license, load, loan, margin, monetary, monopoly, packing, pair, partner, pension, plan, policy, population, production, purchase, reference, rent, retail, sale, sample, saving, security, service, share, show, sight, speculation, statistics, stimulus, strike, supply, wages, wholesale.

There are other possibilities we are looking at based on current use, obvious candidate words are the sixteen that exist (freeing space for new words) in both the trade and the economics lists :

General Business (16 of 100) asset, average, bill, broker, cost, guarantee, investment, liability, loan, partner, purchase, retail, sale, strike, supply, wholesale.

Specialty Trade : (50 minus 16) acceptance, address, agency, allowance, assets, assistant, average, bale, bankrupt, barrel, bill, broker, certificate, charge, claim, client, code, complaint, consignment, cost, court, customs, debit, deck, defect, delivery, export, gross, guarantee, hire, hold, import, investment, liability, license, load, loan, packing, pair, partner, purchase, reference, retail, sale, sample, show, sight, strike, supply, wholesale.

Specialty Economics : (50 minus 16) accident, arbitration, asset, average, bill, broker, budget, circulation, combine, consumer, conversion, correlation, cost, deflation, demand, deposit, discount, efficiency, effort, employer, experiment, factor, fatigue, guarantee, habit, index, inflation, investment, liability, loan, margin, monopoly, partner, pension, plan, population, purchase, rent, retail, sale, saving, security, service, share, speculation, statistics, stimulus, strike, supply, wholesale.

16 other words for economics for social science have been suggested. Most are additional senses for words known to learners : capital (Next 350), class, community, concentration, culture, custom, decentralization, environment, firm, heredity, incentive, integration, structure, technology, unemployment, wages. Three are new words : capital, firm, wages.  This would unify commerce and social economics.

The following words overlap categories, which is a sign of their utility : age, absorption, accident, address, arrangement, ash, barrel, bubble, bud, case, charge, clay, column, cross, demand, deposit, difficulty, effort, employer, exact, experiment, explanation, explosion, fan, fatigue, fresh, generation, ground, guard, habit, hill, interpenetration, jaw, joint, juice, kidney, license, liver, load, lung, mean, mud, origin, pair, proof, reference (3), screen, shell, show, sight, spark, stable, stimulus, strain, stream, surface, sum, trap, tube, twin, valley, wild .

These similar words are found in different sub-categories: agent - agency ;  arbitrary - arbitration ;   combination - combine .