Basic English

Prefix Suffix
un- not, opposite of -ed past, having __
pre- before -er/-or person or thing that __s, comparative
-ing action of
-ly in a __ manner, in __ ways, like a __; n to adv
-s/-es plural

Compound Words in Basic English

Prefix Suffix
in-/inner- in, into, toward -able

able to be __ed

in- not (not valid, use un-) -ful

full of __ . (marginal)

out-/outer- outward, at a distance, more than, better than -less

without (invalid)

over- too, extra, over -like

like, suited to, n to adj

post- after (not valid) -mark


under- below, beneath, on underside, to a lower position -meter

meter, instrument to measure

up/upper- increase, higher, above, erect -most



office of (not valid)


a considerable degree, group of


tending to, causing (not valid)

Standard English

Prefix Suffix
a- not,without -able able to be __ed, inclined to
a- not,without -age act of
ab- from,away, off -al/-ial of, like, having the nature of
ad- to, toward -an/-ian of, having to do with
air- air, by air, of air -ance/-ence act of, state of, thing that
an- not, without -ant/-ent -ing, one that __s
amphi- around, on both sides, in two ways -ary/-ory place for __, being __
ante- before -ate of,having,become,produce,supply,combine,condition of
anti- against,rival,not,preventing,curing, -ation state of __
arch- chief, principle -ative tending to, having to do with
auto- self, automobile -cy office of, state of being
be- thoroughly, about, make, provide -dom position,realm,condition of being, all those who
bi- twice, double, two -ed past, having __
bio- living, plants and animals -ee one who gets, is given
circum- round about, all sides, in a circle -eer one who is or deals with
co- with,together,joint -en cause, make, become, gain, made of, past, plural
com- with,together,altogether -ency state of __ing
con- against -er/-ers person or thing that __s, comparative
de- do opposite of -ess female
di- twice,double,twofold -est superlative
dis- opposite of -et little
en- cause, put, -ette little, female
eu- good, well -ey full of (var of -y)
ex- former, out of, thoroughly -fold times as many, divided into parts
extra- outside, beyond, besides -form shaped, formed
fore- in front, before -ful full of, having, enough to fill
geo- to do with the earth -gram something written, grams
hydro- to do with water -graph make picture,draw,write
hyper- over, beyond, exceedingly, to excess -hood state of being, group of
hypo- under, beneath, below, less than, slightly, somewhat -ible that can be __ed, var. -able
hetro-,heter- other, different -ic/-ical of, being, made by, like
in-, im-,il-,ir- not, opposite, absence of, in, into, toward -ify give quality of __ to, make __
inter- together, between, during -ion act of __ing, state of, result of
intra- within, inside, in the middle -ine like, being, having the nature of
ir- not, cannot be -ing/-ings action of ___
iso- equal, alike -ise var. -ize
mal- bad, poorly -ish somewhat, resembling, like, belonging to
mid- mid, middle -ism action, doctrine, system, state, case
mirco- small, millionth, use of microscope -ist one who does/knows/busy with/believes
milli- one thousandth -ite person associated with
mini- small -itis inflammation of
mis- bad,badly, wrong,wrongly -ity condition of being
mono- one, single -ive/-ative pertaining to, tending to, likely to
multi- having many, many times -ize make, become, be busy with, treat with
non- not, not a, opposite, lack of, failure of -kin little
ob- against, inversely,contrary to, toward, on,over -less without, that cannot be __ed
omni- all, complete, infinite -let little, worn as a band
out- outward, at a distance, more than, better than -like like, proper for   *
over- too, extra, over -ling little, unimportant, one that is, belonging to
pan- all -ly in a _ manner, in __ ways, to a degree, in,to,from, of,each,from, in a place, every
per- through, throughout, very -ment act/state/fact of __ing, means for __ing
poly- more than one, many -ness state/condition of being
post- after -ology any science or branch of knowledge
pre- before -or person or thing that __s, var. -er
pro- before, forward, on the side of -ory __ing, of __, of __ion, serving to, tending to
quasi- seeming, not real, partly, almost -ose full of, much, many, fond of, like,
re- again, once more, back -ous having, having much, full of, like, inclined to
self- of oneself -phobe person in fear of
semi- half, partly, twice -proof protected against, safe from
step- related by remarriage -s/-es/-ies plural
sub- under, below, down, nearly, lower, resulting from division, small degree -ship office of, state of, skill of, relation between
super- over, above, besides, to excess, surpassing -some tending to, causing, considerable degree, group of
supra- above, over, beyond, before -th item sequence
syn- with, together, at the same time -tion/-sion state of __ing, being __ed
tetra- four, four parts, four times -ry work|act|state of a __. var. -ery
thermo- heat -ster one that __s, one that makes, one that is
trans- across, over, through, beyond, on the other side -ure act of __ing|ed, result of, thing that __s, is __ed
tri- three, three parts, three times, every third -ward(s) in the direction of, toward
ultra- beyond, extreme -ways direction, position
un- not, opposite of   * -wise in a __ manner, in the way of a __
under- below, beneath, on underside, to a lower position -y full of, having, somewhat, inclined to, suggesting, small
up/upper- increase, higher, above, erect
vice- substitute, deputy, subordinate

Essential World English

Prefixes : un-, in- (im-, il-, ir-) . Where UN- means opposite and IN- means not.

Suffixes : -able (-ible), -ed, -er, -ing, -less, -ly .

Longman Defining Vocabulary

Prefixes : dis-, im- , in-, ir-, mid-, mis-, non-, re-, self-, un- .

Suffixes : -able, -al, -an, -ance, -ar, -ate, -ation, -ed, -en, -ence, -er, -ery, -ess, -ful, -ible, -ic, -ical, -ing, -ion, -ish, -ist, -ity, -ive, -ization, -ize, -less, -like, -ly, -ment, -ness, -or, -ous, -ry, -th, -ward(s), -work, -y .