Basic 850 : religion (1 of 850 words)

International Words : paradise (1 of 50 words)

Next 350 : some are possibly useful.
ceremony , god , holiday , justice , magic , meaning , member , message , moral , obedient , officer , people, praise , prayer , priest , revenge , satisfaction , saving , service , spirit .

Verse : (100 words).
angel, arrow, beast, blind, bow, breast, bride, brow, bud, calm, child, cross, crown, curse, dawn, delight, dew, dove, dream, eagle, eternal, evening, evil, fair, faith, fate, feast, flock, flow, fountain, fox, gentle, glad, glory, God, grace, grape, grief, guest, hawk, heaven, hell, hill, holy, honey, honor, image, ivory, joy, lamb, lark, life, lion, lord, meadow, melody, mercy, noble, passion, perfume, pity, pool, praise, prayer, pride, priest, purple, rapture, raven, robe, rock, rose, rush, search, shining, shower, sorrow, soul, spear, spirit, storm, streamstream, strength, sword, thief, tower, travel, valley, veil, vine, violet, virgin, virtue, vision, wandering, wealth, weariness, weeping, wisdom, wolf, wonder.

Bible : (50 words).
altar, ark, ass, ax, baptism, blessing, captain, cattle, circumcision, cock, deceit, disciple, envy, flesh, forgiveness, generation, herd, heritage, husband, kingdom, leaven, leper, locust, master, neighbor, oath, ox, people, pillar, preaching, prophet, revelation, righteousness, saint, salvation, savior, scribe, sin, spice, tent, testament, thorn, tribe, virgin, widow, wife, witness, world, worship, wrath, yoke.

All of these words are associated with religion; the highlighted words standout as intimately associated with religion, although not that they are exclusive of religious connotation. Basic 850 is weak on such specifically religious words; we find only religion among the 850 and paradise is considered an International word. Thus with the existing Verse and Bible lists, we have 24 words with which to describe religious topics. Are others required?.

In other areas, the following words also overlap categories, which is a sign of their probable importance:

age , absorption , accident , address , arrangement , ash , barrel , bubble , bud , case , charge , clay , column , cross , demand , deposit , difficulty , effort , employer , exact , experiment, explanation , explosion , fan , fatigue , fresh , generation , ground , guard , habit , hill , interpenetration , jaw , joint , juice , kidney , license , liver , load , lung , mean , mud , origin , pair , proof , reference (3) , screen , shell , show , sight , spark , stable , stimulus , strain , stream , surface , sum , trap , tube , twin , valley , wild .

Religion Concepts :

There appear to be a limited number of generic concepts.

The key Words

God - Holy - Building - Members - Book - Ritual - Player -

Leader -
A Start on Concepts

angel servant of god
anointed put oil on as act of religion
altar place for offerings to god|table in god's house
blasphemy say things without respect
exorcism send out bad
grace god's favor; short prayer (a Verse word.)
heaven living place of god; sky (paradise is an International word.)
hell | hades (place of) unhappy condition
holy | sacred special to god
idol representation of god; person greatly loved|respected
oath|vow undertaking in god's name; statement of truth
resurrection come back from death
revelation make clear
sacrifice giving up something for god
saint respected by church officers
service the order of events as in church. (a Basic extension of serve and also a Next 350 word.)
spell magic words
sin wrongdoing; (behavior) against law (of god) (sin is a Bible word)
worship love and respect. (a Bible word).
zealot overmuch interest in a cause

anointed | christ | messiah
faithful | members | tribe
flesh | living
heathen | infidel | unbelievers
prophet | forecaster | seer | soothsayer, prophesize=make forecast
redemption | salvation | savior,
satan | devil | enemy | adversary,
sect | way | school,
spirit | soul | ghost (spirit is both a Next 350 and Verse word.)
testimony | witness | testament,
wiseman | magi | rabbi | master | guru |teacher
witch | wizard
word | law

Specific cases are often capitalized and/or with "the". The Book, The Punishment, The Word.

Related Secular Concepts

birth and death clean and unclean debt and plenty feast and famine
good|fair|just and evil|wicked|foolish freeman and slave health and sickness legal and illegal
light and dark love and hate marriage and divorce moral and immortal
reward and punishment rich and poor sow and reap sun and moon
true and false|perjury virgin vs. harlot join and separate
Animals: ass, camel, dove, ox, sheep, etc.
Arms: ax, arrow, bow, club, sling, spear, sword, etc.
Animals: murder, thief, etc.
Music: trumpet, flute, lyre, pipe, harp, dance, etc.
Family: father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, etc.
Relationships: widow, wife, husband, man, woman, child, girl, etc.

tithe | tax | toll | offering
holiday | feast | festival | pentecost | holy day - (holiday is a Next 350 word.)

Rule: A word or concept may be defined by use of any higher level words. The hierarchy here is the 850, International, complex words;

Verse; then, Bible.