Special Wordlist for Business & Economics (100)

acceptance, accident, address, agency, allowance, arbitration, asset, assistant, average, bankrupt, barrel, bill, broker, budget, capital, certificate, charge, circulation, claim, client, code, combine, competition, complaint, consignment, consumer, conversion, correlation, cost, court, customs, debit, debt, deck, defect, deflation, delivery, demand, deposit, discount, distribution, economy, efficiency, effort, elasticity, emerging, employer, experiment, export, factor, fatigue, firm, finance, forecast, gross, guarantee, habit, hire, hold, import, income, index, inflation, investment, lag, liability, license, load, loan, margin, market, monetary, monopoly, packing, pair, partner, pension, plan, policy, population, production, purchase, reference, rent, retail, sale, sample, saving, security, service, share, show, sight, speculation, statistics, stimulus, strike, supply, wages, wholesale.


account sales , Basic words.
accountant , Accounts expert (assistant) ; book-keeper. Basic words.
accept , v . Take (over)
acceptable , adj . Pleasing. Your price is acceptable, your price is right for us.
acknowledge , v . I beg to acknowledge, I have (got).
ad valorem , adj . On the value.
address , Postal address , post address, address for letters ; telegraphic address , address for telegrams.
advance , v . Increase ; payment on account.
advertise , v . Give advertisement ; make public.
agent , Representative ; person with the agency. Forwarding agent, sending agent.
agree , b. Come to an agreement ; be in agreement. Agree an account, give approval to.
appoint , v . Make ; give (person) the position of.
appointment , Position ; acting as.
arbitration , Outside decision.
arrival , On arrival, when (it) came.
assessment , Value placed on goods ; valuing.
assortment , Selection ; mixed.
auction , s., v . Public sale. Put up for public sale.
average , Particular average, damage ; average adjusters, average adjustment experts.

back order , v . Put off sending part of an order till later.
balance , s. v . the rest ; amount (n an account).
Credit balance , amount at credit. balancing.
bankruptcy , Becoming (going) bankrupt..
bargain , Something cheap ; cheap goods. A bargain price , a low price.
bearer , Person who takes cheque (letter) to another..
bid , s., v . Offer.
bill , Bill of loading bill of loading.
bill of exchange , Basic words..
binding , adj . Having the force of law.
bona fide , adj . Straightforward ; upright.

bond , Agreement. In bond , kept by the Customs. bonus , Payment (allowance) in addition.
book-keeper , Basic words.
brand , Sort ; quality.
breakage , Damage ; getting broken.
bulk , Size. Load in bulk , loading loose ; bulk sample , general sample.
buyer , Purchaser.

call , v . Call forward , Make a request to send.
cancellation , Taking back (an order) ; stopping (order).
cargo , Shipload.
carriage , Carriage paid , payment of carriage by sender.
cartage , Carting ; charge for carting.
case , (Great) box..
cash , s., v . Ready money. Cash on delivery , payment on delivery ; cash against documents , payment against forwarding papers . Cash a check , get money for.
catalogue , List of goods made.
certificate , Guaranteed statement. Certificate of origin , guaranteed statement of where goods were made.
circular , Open letter ; advertisement.
clause , Condition.
clerk , Office-assistant.
collection , Group ; getting payment of (debts).
commerce , Trade.
commission , Allowance on sales. Commission house , sales agency.
commitment , Undertaking ; debt.
competitive , adj . (With) much competition. Competitive prices , low prices, prices low enough for the competition.
competitor , Person (business) in competition ; person in the same trade.
composition , Agreement with creditors.
concern , A going concern , a going business ; business in working order.
confidential , adj. Private.
consignee , Person to whom the goods are sent.
consignor , Sender (of consignment).
consumer , Purchaser ; user
consumption , Purchase ; use
contents , What is in parcel (letter).
contract , s., v . Agreement. Contract note, note of agreement. Undertake.
contribution , Payment ; allowance.
conveyance , Mode of conveyance, form of transport.
c.i.f. , Cost, insurance, transport ; c.i.t.
counterfoil , Paper kept by sender.
counter-offer , Answering offer.
countermand , v . Put a stop to (order).
cover , Open cover, general insurance agreement.
crate , (Open sided) box.
credit , Opening an irrevocable credit, opening an unchanging credit.
credit note , Basic words
crossed cheque , Cheque for payment into an account.
currency , Money of a country.
customer , Client.


date , s., v . Day ; month ; year. What is the date of the letter ? when was the letter sent ?
dealer , Trader.
debit note , Basic words.
debtor , Person in debt (to).
declaration , Statement. Customs declaration, statement for customs.
declare , v . Make a statement. Declare on, put on to insurance agreement.
decode , v . Take out of code.
deficit , Amount by which an amount is less than is right.
delcredere , Danger of bad debts.
demand , Market. In demand, in request.
department , Division.
departure , Time of sailing ; when the steamer goes.
depreciation , Getting less in value.
despatch , v . Send. Dispatch note, note of sending.
destination , Place to which goods are sent ; place of delivery.
discharge , v . Unloading ; off-loading.
discount , s., v . Allowance off payment (price). Make sale of (bill).
distributor , Agency
dividend (in bankruptcy) , Payment per cent,made to bankrupt's creditors
document , Paper. Forwarding documents, transport papers.
draft , Bill.Banker's draft, banker's cheque; documentary draft, bill for payment with shipping papers.
due , adj . It is due, it is the time for
duplicate , s., v . Copy. In duplicate, in two copies. Duplicate with, be the same as.
duty , Customs tax. Duty paid, customs payment made.


employer , Person hiring workers.
employee , Person working for ; worker
enclosed , adj. Under same cover.
endorsement , Name signed on the back.
engagement , Undertaking ; making oneself responsible for.
enquiry , Question ; request for details (price) ; looking into
entry , Record.
estimate , Rough statement.
excess , Amount over. Excess postage, charge for overweight.
execute , v . Give effect to ; do.
exhibition , Show.
export , v . Send (out of the country) ; be an exporter of ; exporting.
extra , adj., adv . Another ; a second ; in addition. Specially.


factory , Works.
favour , Letter ; order
file , s., v . Record.
firm , Business house.
f.o.b. , Free on board (boat) ; f.o.b.
f.o.r. , Free on railway ; f.o.r.
formality , Form.
forward , v . Send.
freight , Transport charge ; good. Freight note, railway receipt (for goods).
future , Buying futures, purchasing goods for future delivery.


general average , Basic words. Distribution of payment in damage.
get-up , A good (bad) get-up, pleasing (unpleasing) to the eye.
goodwill , Good name and connection.
grade , Quality.
grande vitesse , Quick train.
grower , Producer ; planter
holder , Owner.


imitation , s., adj . Copy. False.
import , v. Be an importer of ; importing.
indent , Order.
informant , Person giving facts.
infringement , Something going against rights.
inspect , v . Have a look at.
inspection , Looking at (into)
inst. , The 1st inst., the 1st of this month. v installation , Putting in.
installment , Part payment of an amount ; goods sent as part of an order.
instruction , Direction ; order
insured , adj . Covered by insurance.
insurer , Person giving insurance.
intermediary , Go-between ; agency.
introduction , Letter of introduction, letter about a person.
invoice , s., v . Account. Rectified invoice, account with errors put right ; render an invoice, give a list of goods. Make out an account.
issue (of newspaper) , Number.
installment , (Part) payment.
item , Thing ; detail. Itemised statement, detailed statement.
job , Job line, very cheap goods; work


ledger , Account book ; credit and debit book.
licensee , Person with a licence.
licensor , Person giving a licence.
line , Line of goods, sort (quality) of goods ; steamship line, steamship company ; line of business, branch of business.
literature , Advertisement material ; propaganda.
litigation , Going to law ; taking question to court.
lodgment (of claim) , Putting forward.


mail , Post. Send (by post).
manifest , Ship's manifest, Ship's goods list.
manufacture , s., v . Make. Manufacturing licence, licence to make.
margin (of profit) , Amount for profit.
maturity , Coming up for payment.
merchandise , Goods.
merchant , Trader
miscarry , v . Go wrong (in the post).
missing , adj . Not there ; short.
money order , Basic words.


negotiate , Talking over.
notice , s., v . Statement. Give notice to him, say that he will have to go ; give notice that, say that (something will take place). Take notice of the fact.


obligation , Debt ; undertaking.
option , First chance of purchasing.
outstanding , adj . Of which payment has not been made.
overcharge , Basic words.
overdue , adj . Late (in payment).


package , Parcel
packing , Packing extra,without packing, packing separate ; packing included with packing.
parcel (of goods) , Consignment.
partnership , Business of partners.
pattern , Sample ; design.
payable , adj . Payment to be made.
per , Price per ton, Price a ton ; as per invoice, as on the account ; per goods train, by goods train.
perishable , adj . Will go bad.
petite vitesse , Good train.
pilferage , Loss by taking.
policy , Insurance agreement.
port , Harbour ; town. Post of destination, town to which goods are sent.
porterage , Porter's charge.
post , Registered post, receipt ed post ; by return post, by the first possible post.
postage , Post charge. Excess postage, charge for overweight.
post free , Basic words.
premium , Payment for an insurance.
principle , s., v . Head ; chief. Capital (amount).
proceeds , Profits.
product , Produce.
profitable , Giving profit.
prohibitive , adj . Overhigh ; at a price one is unable to give.
prompt , adj . Quick
proposal , Suggestion
prospectus , Details of a business (company).
prox. , The 2nd prox., the 2nd of the coming month.


quantity , Amount.
quota , Limited amount (imports).
quotation , Price given.
quote , v . Give a price.


rate , Through rate, charge for the complete journey.
realization , Sale.
realize (a price) , v . Get.
rebate , Allowance
receiver (in bankruptcy) , Controller for bankrupts.
refund , Give back money.
regulation , Rule ; condition.
reminder , Letter (statement) to put one in mind of.
remit , v . Send.
remittance , Payment.
renewal of bill , Giving a new bill
rent , Payment for hire of land (buildings).
repayment , Payment of a debt.
repeat order , Order like the one before ; order for the same goods as before.
report , s., v . Account ; statement.
reputation , (Good) name.
re-sale , Sale to others
re-seller , Person making sale to others.
risk , Danger. Take a chance.
royalty , Payment on sales.


sack , Bag
scheduled , adj . Listed ; fixed.
select , v . Make a selection.
seller , Person making a sales ; trader.
service , A sales service, a sales organization ; at your service, ready to take your orders ; years of service, years of work.
settlement , Payment ; agreement.
ship , v . Send by ship (to). Short-shipped, shipped in smaller amount than that ordered.
shipment , Consignment.
shortage , Amount by which a thing is not enough ; not enough of.
signature , Signed name.
slump , s., v . Bad times ; fall in prices ; no market for.
source , Place from which things are got.
specialise , v . Make a special business of.
speciality , Special branch.
specification , Detailed list (account)
specimen , Example ; sample.
spot goods , Goods ready for delivery.
staff , Workers ; the office.
standard , s., adj . Of normal (fixed) value. Up to standard, up to quality. Gold standard, gold base.
standing , s., adj . Position. fixed.
staple , adj . Chief ; most important (produce).
stenography , Shorthand.
stock , s., v . Goods in hand ; supply. Consignment stock, goods for maker's account.
storage , storing.
stow , v . Put away.
stowage , Storing ; storing place.
style , (Trading) name.
subscription , Payment.
survey , s., v . Looking at.
surveyor , Insurance valuer.


tare , Weight of packing. Weight charged free of tare, charge for net weight.
tariff , List of import taxes.
tender , s., v . Sale offer ; offer (to do work at a certain price).
terminate , v . Put an end to.
terms , Conditions ; price
territory , Place (of agency).
testimonial , Reference
trade-mark , Basic words.
tramp; steamer , Steamer which is not regular.
transact , v . Do business.
transaction , Business done ;exchange ; sale.
tranship , v . Put into another ship.
transshipment , Putting into another ship.
transit , In transit, on the journey.
traveller , Salesman (on the road) ; representative.
trial , Test.
turnover , Basic words. Amount of business done.
typewriting , Machine-writing.


ult. , The 9th ult., The 9th of last month.
underselling , adj . Charging lower prices ; cheaper sale ; undercutting (prices).
undersigned , adj . Basic words.
underwriter , Person giving insurance.
unsaleable , adj . Not in condition for sale ; no market for.


vacancy , Place
valuation , Valuing ; value placed on.


warehouse , s., v . Store-house ; Storing.
way-bill , Railway receipt.